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Eskindir Wallpaper

Schon etwas älter, aber ich mag es. Abgebildet ist Eskindir, der Träumer, der im Titel "Lion's Dream" zu finden ist. Aus unserem Wiki (momentan ausschließlich in Englisch, bei Fehlern bitte melden): Eskindir He is the lion who dreams. Named after the star of hope he is the creator of Somnia. He is also known as the Great Dreamer and the spiritual leader of all lions who decided to bring their visions to life together. With a white coat and bright eyes he is told to be born from the stars. From Caldera to Somnia, from the borders of the Dying World through the desert he is known by many names: Eskindir the Beloved, Kito the Betrayed. The Maker and the Keeper. Those who had the luck to meet him before he vanished, were surprised, how small and fragile the body of this lion was. Was he really supposed to be our leader? Yet young he was weak and thin like the elders, unable to hunt. It seemed as if all the strength the stars held for him was concentrated in his soul and left the body unfinished. It was not enough. Only legends can answer the question where Eskindir is now and why he has vanished. Some say his tender heart could not stand the cruelty of life anymore. His visions couldn`t end up the war nor could they prevent Somnia from nightmares. So Eskindir left the Dying World and returned to the stars where he came from. Most lions believe, he has never truly disappeared. We look up in the night sky, seeking for the brightest star and feel our soul is gently beeing touched. Eskindir must be out there, the lions say, keeping the dream alive.    


Wallpaper Drant - Welt 3

Die dritte spielbare Welt in Drant: Das Skorpion

Wallpaper Drant - Welt 2

Die zweite spielbare Welt in Drant: Die Kröte

Wallpaper Drant - Welt 1

Die erste spielbare Welt in Drant: Der Golem

Cayle Online Wallpaper

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Cayle Online Wallpaper 2

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Eiswürfel (Background)

Den Background hab ich vor längerer Zeit mal mit Blender erstellt und da ich ihn nicht mehr nutze dachte ich kann ich ihn hier ja mal "sharen". Die Szene ist ziemlich low-poly mit nur etwa 430k faces. Der Hintergrund war uhrsprünglich als eigenständiger Wallpaper gedacht... war mir aber etwas zu "langweilig". 1920x1080 ist die höchste Resolution die ich mal gerendert hab... aber da noch höhere zu rendern lohnt sich denke ich mal eher nicht.    


eXperinox - Jumper - 1920x1080px


eXperinox - Team Pyramide - 1920x1080px